Golfer Billy Walthouse announces partnership with Mandi Schwartz Foundation for 2019 Season

American golfer Billy Walthouse and the Mandi Schwartz Foundation are pleased to announce a partnership for the 2019 Canadian Mackenzie Tour. Walthouse qualified for the Mackenzie Tour this spring at the Ponte Verde, Florida Qualifier and is in his first full season on the Canadian tour.

In his junior year at the University of Rhode Island, shortly after his grandparents attended Yale’s University’s “White out for Mandi”,
Walthouse participated in cheek swab on the URI Campus. Later that year he got a phone call that he was a possible donor match. The second call never came to let him know that he was a definitive match, but the experience led him to want to be part of the team promoting the
Mandi Schwartz Foundation.

Walthouse said, “I have seen the amazing legacy that the Mandi Schwartz foundation is creating everyday by saving lives through stem cell matching. My family has long been supporters of Mandi and the entire Schwartz family. I am extremely honored to wear the logo and help promote the cause. I am from a large hockey family and I love the culture of the entire hockey community, especially in Canada.”

On select days throughout the season, Walthouse will be wearing a combination of the Mandi Schwartz Foundation logo as well as a custom logo designed by Black Helicopter
Creative. The second logo was created for St. Louis Blues goalie Jake Allen to wear in honor of Mandi and the work that her foundation has accomplished. The logo is also a nod to the Schwartz family’s history with the legendary Notre Dame Hounds. Mandi’s brother Jaden plays for the St. Louis Blues and currently has 13 goals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Her other brother, Rylan is a professional hockey player in Germany for the Bremerhaven Penquins.

Carol Schwartz commented, “ We are so happy to have Billy promoting Mandi’s foundation and stem cell matching across Canada this summer.” Rick Schwartz said, “I am really happy to have Billy doing this and it will be fun to follow him this summer while the boys hockey seasons are over.” Mandi Schwartz was a Canadian hockey player that played hockey for Athol Murray Notre Dame in Saskatchewan and Yale University. She lost her battle with leukemia in 2011. In Mandi’s memory, a teammate created the Mandi Schwartz Foundation. Every year, it hosts bone marrow drives, where people can get swabbed and added to the registry, in hopes of being someone’s perfect match. Since the foundation launched, there’s been 57 matches from 7,000 people who registered, arguably making it one of the most successful medical campaigns of its kind.

Billy Walthouse is a 23 year old American golfer from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. He played his collegiate golf at the University of Rhode Island. Walthouse recently made it through the first round of the US Open qualification and moves on to Sectionals on June 3 from which he hopes to play at Pebble Beach.

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