How Mandi Inspired Michael Hellrich’s Lifesaving Match for Regan Brown

At a March 2013 Blues game, long-time St. Louis Blues fan and season-ticket holder, Michael Hellrich, registered at a Be The Match marrow donor drive in Mandi’s honor. Four years later in 2018, he courageously embraced the opportunity to donate to an AML (acute myeloid leukemia) patient in need, Regan Brown.  

While Michael did not know who the recipient of his donation would be at the time, he had been inspired by Jaden and the St. Louis’ Blues commitment to honor Mandi’s legacy and join Be The Match. He knew Mandi’s story and the potential impact an individual could have through joining the national marrow registry. So when his phone rang informing him that he was a 10 out of 10 perfect match for a young women in need, he stepped up to the plate to donate. 

Regan was diagnosed with AML shortly after graduating from high school. In the wake of her diagnosis an extended community rallied in support of her fight against cancer and her prayers were answered when the one in a 30 million match, an anonymous Michael Hellrich, came through to donate. 

In the months that followed Regan’s courageous treatment and transplant, she often thought of Michael, the anonymous individual at the other end of the donation. And similarly Michael eagerly tried to stay informed on Regan’s health and progress. But it wouldn’t be a year later that Michael and Regan started corresponding and finally met at the hockey rink. 

Regan’s appreciation for Mandi’s journey and impact ran deep. She recognized how Mandi’s journey, the Schwartz family, and the Blues’ commitment to supporting the family inspired Michael to join Be The Match and ultimately follow through with his donation. 

Mandi’s legacy continues to inspire marrow donor registrations and donations.  

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