Upper Deck Card

Mandi Schwartz – ‘Heroic Inspirations’ Game Worn Jersey – Upper Deck Hockey Card

Mandi Schwartz’s supporters now have the opportunity to own a unique piece of memorabilia that honors her memory. Each Upper Deck Mandi Schwartz “Heroic Inspirations” card contains a piece of one of Mandi’s game-worn Yale jerseys. A limited number of these cards are now available for sale, with all proceeds benefiting the Mandi Schwartz Foundation.

Heroic-Inspirations-Mandi-Schwartz-2013-14-NHL-UD1-Front Heroic-Inspirations-Mandi-Schwartz-2013-14-NHL-UD1-Back

To obtain a special edition Mandi Schwartz Heroic Inspirations card, please send a check for $35.00 to The Mandi Schwartz Foundation. Maximum purchase amount is 5 cards. Please include a short note indicating your card purchase, mailing address & email address.

Price: $35.00 

Address & Send the check w/ note to:

The Mandi Schwartz Foundation

340 Orange St. #8

New Haven, CT 06511


Once we receive your payment and note, we will ship the card to you!